"La maison du verger" is situated amongst the plum and apple orchards of "Chateau Lavalade" which boarders the river Tarn.

There are walks directly from the house though the orchards.Four miles down stream is Moissac a vibrant market town with ancient monastic roots, much of it, monastry, church and beautifull cloisters still remaining.The "canal de midi" passes thougth the centre providing an ideal walking/cycle route under the shade of the two hundred year old plane trees.

The surrounding area is considered the fruit bowl of France, being well irrigated by the majestic rivers of the Tarn, Garonne and Aveyron that in joining together just up stream of Moissac form 1000 acre lake that provides for all forms of water sports. On this page the photos have links to the relevant activitys web pages, it covers only a small amount of the gastromomic ,sporting, and culturel pursuits available in the local area,if you have a specific requirement please don't heisitate ask us directly.

Here follows sevral links to web sites for some of the big attractions in the "midi -pyrenées" :Montauban,musée Ingres .Tolouse, Cité de l'espace .Walabi park .. Albi, musée tolouse Lautrec

La Maison du Verger: Domaine du chateau Lavalade 2978 Rte de l'aerodrome   82100 Castelsarrasin  France
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